Common Causes of Dental Anxiety

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Do you ever feel nervous, or even anxious, before a dental appointment? You may be experiencing dental anxiety or dental phobia. If you are experiencing dental anxiety, you are not alone.

People can develop these anxieties and phobias for a variety of reasons. Dr. Bing Javier and our team have found that there are some common causes of dental anxiety.

Pain: Many adults are worried about experiencing pain or discomfort in a dental visit. This is likely because when they were young, many of the advances in “pain-free” dentistry had not yet come about.

Feelings of helplessness: Many fear feeling helpless or like they have no control. They have to sit still and cannot see what’s going on during a dental appointment. This can trigger anxiety in some patients.

Embarrassment: Some people feel embarrassed or ashamed to have a stranger look inside of their mouth. This could be because the person feels that a dentist or hygienist is in their space, or perhaps they are self-conscious about how their teeth look.

Negative experiences from the past: If someone has experienced discomfort during past dental appointments, they may be worried about future dental experiences.

Our dentist and team are happy to provide a friendly, comfortable environment for each of our patients. We will work with those who have dental anxieties to help them feel at ease during treatment. You having a positive experience is just as important to us as your dental health.

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